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We are a tour operator with 20 years of success organizing the most authentic and personalized tours in Peru.
Our products are tailored to the special interests of each client, with themes such as: History, Culture, Nature, Adventure, Luxury, Health, Seniors, People with disabilities, Honeymoon, among others.
We are also very proud to guarantee a positive impact to the tourists, due to the environmental safeguard and social components when designing a customised experience.
The strategic location of Peru makes it possible to offer the best South American extensions to Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador and Bolivia.

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The organization is directly managed by the owners, Stuart Wicks (English), a quality control engineer with great experience in product design, and Verónica Napurí de Wicks (Peruvian), considered one of the industry’s leading experts and active member of Peru’s most prestigious associations and government institutions.

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- Product knowledge
- Prompt response
- Value first
- Flexible service
- Respectful with the environment
- Always accessible

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Spanish is commonly spoken across the country.
Quechua, the language of the Incas, is spoken in the mountain. Aymara is mainly spoken in the communities of Puno. In the jungle, different dialects are spoken.
Peruvian Spanish has a low accent and is easy to understand, which is ideal for the learning of this language. Our programmes include Spanish courses in Lima and Cusco.